Artist statement

I weave a sense of mood through time and place in my landscape and abstract paintings. Using bold strokes and rich textures, my outdoor adventures and introspective reflections unfold onto the canvas, inviting viewers to feel the raw energy and emotion. It’s in these moments of creation that I forge a visceral connection with the audience, inviting them to explore the many layers of meaning. Each piece captures fleeting moments that echo the spirit of exploration and self-discovery.

Headshot of Amanda Wondergem with a few paintings on an easel behind her


Amanda Wondergem is a landscape and abstract artist living in North Vancouver, BC. She channels her passion for visual storytelling and a deep understanding of design principles, acquired through her education in Graphic Design. Her work focuses on weaving a sense of mood through time and place.

Over the past several years, she’s honed her artistic abilities through experimenting with acrylics and mixed media, plus further refining her skills through immersive workshop experiences. She is currently being mentored by Alberta artist Samantha Williams-Chapelsky. Amanda is gaining visibility through online shows and local markets as she embarks on her emerging artist journey.

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